What to give for Christmas?

Da Vinci Food’s luxurious Christmas products for your Christmas table and into the Santa’s bag full of presents!

The cosy winter holidays are approaching every minute. Da Vinci is also preparing for Christmas. On our website we have made some room for Christmas and dedicated a whole section for Da Vinci’s Christmas offers. Under the section Christmas offers you find both our elegant Dammann Frères Christmas teas and our festive Da Vinci gourmet gift baskets. For the lovers of Illy coffee, we have a special treat: Illy art collection decorated by world-famous artists.

Every winter evening asks for at least one cup of warming tea, maybe even two. There are many good types of tea, but the French elegance in Dammann Frères teas is perfect for the festive holiday season. Surprise your family and best friends with Dammann Frères teas in beautiful gift boxes and glittering Christmassy tea cans. To make the tea time even more beautiful, we also offer gorgeous Dammann Frères tea strainers. Dammann Frères Christmas collection waits for you in Da Vinci Food’s e-shop – now many teas up to – 45%.

At Christmas time one should also remember their business partners and nice colleagues. During the holiday season or at the New Year’s Eve when visiting your friends, it’s always good to bring along only the best. To make it easier for you, we’ve put the most popular products available in our e-shop into capacious gift baskets and stylish gift boxes. When compiling the gift sets, we took a wine or sparkling wine of good quality and combined it with tasty savoury and sweet Mediterranean snacks.

Upon making the gift sets, we have specially thought of gentlemen with good taste, ladies valuing good quality, admirers of organic food but also those with a sweet tooth. Our gourmet baskets of different sizes and the beautiful gift boxes are an excellent gift for a business partner admiring good food and for just good colleagues. The Christmassy gift baskets are also good to take along when going to enjoy your New Year’s sparkling wine or when visiting friends’ dinner parties. Actually, why shouldn’t you get one tasty gourmet basket for yourself, too!

In addition to the excellent coffee, we have another very special coffee (culture) pearl for the admirers of the Illy brand: Illy art collection. Illy art collection consists of glorious design coffee sets, which have got its look and character from over 100 world-renowned artists. The iconic Illy espresso cup first appeared in 1992 when Matteo Thun, an architect and a designer, introduced it to the public. Now the Illy art collection includes the same iconic espresso cup that different artists have given a new look and breathing.
The creation of the Illy art collection more than 20 years ago, expressed Illy’s wish to unite the coffee experience and art more tightly and to make coffee drinking into a special cultural experience. In addition to espresso sets, the Illy art collection also includes colourful designed cappuccino and caffè latte sets. Among the designers of the Illy art collections sold in Da Vinci e-shop are also the world-famous Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci and a painter Gillo Dorfles.

Don’t forget to look for the aforementioned offers in our e-shop! The Da Vinci team wishes their clients a wonderful holiday season with Da Vinci products!

by rasmus