Sommelier – Anna-Liisa Sesmin

Devotion and passion for wine are the two main motivating forces in me. My love for wine began in 2003, when I worked at Scandic Palace Hotel and got a glimpse of the infinite world of wine. I realised that each wine is like a work of art, which requires the right conditions for full enjoyment. I felt that I wanted to serve wine right: at the right temperature, in a suitable glass and with suitable food.

Since then wine has been my calling and work. I love to be present at the birth of good wine. Every year, I try to go to some vinery to pick the grapes myself. I enjoy observing and practicing wine making with the masters of wine.

To discover truly interesting wines, one should frequent wine fairs and make contacts with other dedicated professionals. The best wines from all over the world thus reach our tables as well.

In addition, I train people to pass along my knowledge and increase the confidence of restaurant employees in serving and selecting wines.

If you are truly interested in wine, I recommend buying directly from the importer. You save time, money and get professional advice.

Anna-Liisa Sesmin has been working for Da Vinci Food since October 2007 and she graduated from the Estonian Sommelier School in June 2011.

A special mention should be given to her favourite quote: “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world” – Ernest Hemingway.