Illy kohvitooteid ning kohvimasinaid

Illy was founded in 1933 in Trieste, Italy, by Francesco Illy.

Francesco Illy invented 2.5 kg air-free vacuum packaging, which ensures coffee freshness and intensifies the aroma. The packaging has changed over the years, but Francesco Illy’s main idea, high-quality espresso and all other Illy products have remained the same. The company gives great attention to product development and quality control. Illy is the only coffee roasting company that uses taste and laboratory tests to decide on coffee beans to be purchased. Illy buys high-quality coffee beans straight from the producers in Central and Southern America, India and Africa.

Illy was the first in European coffee industry to be given the ISO 9001 quality system certificate proving the conformity of its production process to requirements.
2003 – ISO 14001 environmental management certificate.
2004 – EMA (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certificate, which acknowledges the companies’ improvements in their environmental performance in Europe. Together with 45 other food processing companies Illy was one of the first to accept a strict environmental management system.
2005 – EMA award for company’s environmental committments.
2007 – IFS certificate, proving that Illy products conform to the requirements of IFS standards and are of high quality.
2008 – BRC certificate, proving that Illy products are delivered to clients at a consistent high quality.
2010 – Qualite France certificate, proving that Illy coffee is 100% Arabica and that traditional roasting method is used: all aromas are protected using a required preservation method and the caffeine-free coffee contains less than 0.05% caffeine.

Today, Illy resellers are active in 140 countries, but production is still carried out only in Trieste.


Dammann Freres dates back to the year 1692, when Louis XIV granted Monsieur Dammann the exclusive right to sell tea in France.

Dammann Freres was founded in 1925 by two brothers, Robert and Pierre Dammann. After World War II changes were introduced by Jean Jumeau-Lafond, who as a great tea lover wished to share his passion with the French people, whose awareness of the area was still low or non-existent. In 1950, he started an open tea retail in France. Later, development of the company was undertaken by Jean’s sons Jacques and Didier.

In 1980, the company invented tea bags of silk-like materials to preserve the leaves. In addition to the practicality, a light, transparent tea bag merges the taste and aesthetic joys into one. Today, Dammann Freres produces a total of 310,000 tea bags a day.

Sri Lankan, Indian, Japanese or Chinese origin, black, green or white – every blend is an adventure that Dammann Freres urges you to discover.

HACCP certificate – production, packaging, herbal teas, metal and plastic packaging, Crystal tea bag, etc. attained 96% level of quality.