Natural Famille Dupont French ciders

Da Vinci Food e-shop has started offering new natural Famille Dupont French ciders. The Dupont family has 30 hectares of fruit yards in the heart of the Pay´s d-Auge region in Normandy. They produce cider, calvados and Pommeau.

For more than 25 years now, the Estate has resolutely followed a path towards high quality. By drawing on the best techniques used to make cognac and its great blends, Etienne Dupont has studied, tried out and refined his cellar work to reach the same levels of elegance and expressiveness as found in the best wines. The history of the Dupont Family in the Pays d’Auge region in Normandy goes back for more than 3 centuries. The oldest known archives testify to the birth of Pierre Dupont in 1703.

The orchards of the Louis Dupont Family estate cover 30 hectares right at the heart of the Pays d’Auge region; there are 6000 apple trees in 13 different varieties. Some of these techniques, such as manual sorting of the apples, and even working with an oenologist are found only very rarely in the making of cider. But just as for wine, the quality of the apples is still the first essential step. It is only after this that the creation of cider can make the most of the apple and its terroir.


The apples are washed and sorted. Apples showing signs of rot are discarded. The apples are pressed in a membrane press, the skin and pulp are uniformly pressed, sufficiently gently and slowly for the must to receive all the aromas the apples can provide. At the end of the pressing process the must has already acquired the attractive golden amber tints of cider. After several weeks of fermentation in vats, the cider is racked and bottled. Fermentation will subsequently continue slowly in the bottle. The faint haze and the deposit present are the proofs of this bottle fermentation. They give the ciders from the Domaine Dupont their unique aromatic complexity.

by rasmus