Quick snacks – traditional and classic snacks from the Mediterranean

A wine night with a good company, movie nights with friends and meals outside… Cosy get-togethers become even cosier with a glass of wine and a tasty selection of snacks. We can say that the composition of a rich Mediterranean snack plate (antipasto) is an art in itself. The culture of serving antipasto or appetisers dates back to the middle ages. At the same time, there are new and exciting products appearing every year, and they too are longing to be discovered. In this article we are giving you an overview of the snacks offered in our Da Vinci e-shop and recommendations for enjoying them.

Classic antipasto

A classic antipasto platter is an ideal company for a wine night and it is great to be shared with good friends. Traditionally this Italian appetiser includes the following components:

  • Cured meats. One of the most known meats on an antipasto platter is Prosciutto ham that can be served curled around grissini or with melon cubes. Several salami slices and Parma ham are popular too. The meat choice can also include Speck smoked ham or Bresaola beef. (The latter is served with olive oil and lemon.)
  • Cheeses. Antipasto choice can also include different cheeses, for example Mozzarella. Since Da Vinci e-shop has recently started to offer excellent awarded Spanish (Lacteas San Vicente) cheeses, we recommend trying these and testing them in different combinations.
  • Anchovies. In addition to a wide meat and cheese choice the traditional antipasto platter also includes fish, anchovies to be exact. The most common are anchovies in oil.
  • Olives. A classic appetiser plate definitely includes some quality olives.  Read more about the recently complemented olive choice of the Da Vinci Food e-shop.
  • Peppers (pepperoncini). Pickled peppers are popular, so is their usage in several sauces and salsas. Peppers can be stuffed for example with soft cheeses (cream cheese, ricotta) and fish (tuna) and pickled.
  • Mushrooms. Often the antipasto selection includes pickled or cooked mushrooms.
  • Vegetables (in oil or vinegar). The classic antipasto plate is coloured and flavoured with pickled or grilled vegetables: grilled and sun dried tomatoes and pickled artichokes, garlic and onion.

New and exciting snacks

Now some information about the new exciting snacks available in our Da Vinci Food e-shop that definitely belong among modern appetisers and which most certainly need to be acquainted with.

  • Cheese snacks (Groksi!) are innovative, 100% of cheese and oven-baked. Excellent with wine or beer and suitable for bringing to a picnic.
  • Baked crisps (Grefusa) are tasty, puffed and oven-baked corn and potato crisps that include 50% less fat than regular crisps. Available in different flavours, great for bringing along to different outdoor events.
  • Airy and mouth-watering Italian crackers (Snatt) and flavoured mini-grissini (Scrack Griss) are excellent to accompany modern antipasto plates. Both the crackers and mini-grissini are available in different flavours.

Something sweet

When having salty snacks and you suddenly wish to have something sweet, the Mediterranean has some classic and some modern sweets to offer.

  • Italian biscuits are excellent with your coffee or tea. The classic selection includes almond (Amaretti) and chocolate chip (Cantuccini) cbiscuits. We suggest trying the latter with port.
  • When having some coffee or tea and biscuits, it is also excellent to offer Italian chocolate and liquor-filled candies (Caffarel).  Italian chocolate making has a long and rich history, which is why the Italian chocolate is an experience one has to try!
  • If you prefer healthy snacks that are not so sweet, we recommend trying (Noberasco) tried fruits: prunes, apricots, mangos and figs. All fruits are organic and with a nice soft and juicy texture. We recommend serving these with nuts or a cheese selection.
  • A totally different sweet in our Da Vinci Food e-shop is represented by a candy line Sugarpova that has got its name from an internationally renowned tennis sensation Maria Šarapova Sugarpova. The candies have been made keeping Maria’s character and preferences in mind: fun, modern and sweet, and suitable for both adults and younger sweet teeth.

Spring is here and the weather gets warmer every day. It is a time to enjoy the company of friends and family and to do it with some good food. Hopefully the article gave you some good ideas of what to offer or bring along to a dinner party. If you wish to share this article with other foodies, click on the preferred share button below.

by rasmus