A healthy treat – dried fruits

Dried fruit and nuts have accompanied sporty lifestyle ever since the first Olympic Games. However, those tasty natural fruits are useful for all of us.

Regular consumption of dried fruits helps us to provide our bodies with vital nutrients. As nuts and dried fruits are packed with proteins (protein percentage is up to 20%), minerals, fatty and amino acids, they are essential for our bodies. Shelled fruits, almonds are vitamin-rich but low-calorie foods. Pine nuts cater our bodies with proteins. Those who prefer such dried fruits as plums, apricots, figs or pineapples, should know that the drying process involves dehydration, nutritive value is not replaced. As dried fruits maintain their valuable nutrients they are as good as fresh fruits.

Dried fruits and nuts are energy-rich and nutritious, which make them privileged when other snacks are considered. Imagine the crunch of pistachios, almonds, walnuts or the soft texture of apricots, plums and sweet chestnuts. Mhmm… did I already mention that they are nutritious and healthy? Both dried and dehydrated fruits are perfect snacks when your body is lacking of energy. Stefania Giambartolme, SISA (Italian Society of Food Science and Nutrition) nutritionist, says that although nuts and dried fruits are high calorie foods, they contain fats that are good and essential for our bodies. Nuts are known for their fruit being highly nutritious, thus moderate consumption of them is absolutely justified and healthy. Small amount, about 10 g a day, is suitable for those monitoring their nutrition, and about 20 g a day is good for those who are friends with their weight and who regularly train hard.

Not only sportsmen should consume dried fruits and nuts as a snack (because they already know that dried fruits and nuts contain a lot of minerals, such as magnesium and zinc) but also those who follow a nutrition plan. This small but energy-rich bite includes a lot of fibres that help us to keep our blood pressure and cholesterol down.

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Bon appetite!