Coffee courses


In addition to high-quality ingredients and a good machine, good coffee depends, first and foremost, on skilful coffee making and serving. Our mission is to train the employees of restaurants and cafes so that clients could enjoy only the best Illy coffee.

The training focuses on the following: What is Illy? Illy’s history and main values, history of coffee, blends, production and coffee-making and correct serving. We organise our trainings at the client’s premises or our study class at ILLY training centre in Tallinn (Mõisa 4, ground floor).

ILLY training shall follow the study programme of the world’s only coffee university Universita del Caffe , the member of which Estonian ILLY Office also is. Illy Universita del Cafe was founded in 1999 in Trieste to promote, develop and distribute high-quality coffee all over the world. Universita del Caffe has 75 years of experience and skills in training. The course includes both theory and practice, making of various coffee drinks and operating complicated coffee machines. A graduates is able to detect good coffee by taste like a true coffee sommelier. Furthermore, passing an exam after training at Universita del Caffe gives you a coffee expert’s certificate.


Illy ABC for beginners, first training

Illy ABC training offers every beginner coffee friend an opportunity to acquire the first necessary steps needed in coffee making. Illy ABC gives an onverview of the priniciples and quality of Illy coffee. As soon as the theoretical knowledge has been acquired, you can plunge into making coffee drinks yourself. The training ends with the maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

Content of the training:

  • about us
  • history of coffee, its distribution in the world
  • all bout Illy coffee
  • quality
  • selection of the beans
  • roasting
  • packaging
  • well organised work place
  • espresso
  • different coffee drinks
  • milk frothing
  • pouring and creating patterns
  • cleaning of the coffee machine

Price: 45 € per person. NB! Contracted clients of Illy get a discount of -50% per person.
Number of participants: 3 – 6 people

Coffee expert
From the plant to the cup, coffee’s journey to becoming the perfect star in the coffee bar. You don’t need a magic wand to conduct an orchestra. If you want to become proficient in the art of the bar profession, you need skills, knowledge and creativity. This is the only course offering you a general view of the coffee world: the bean on its journey from the countries of origin, the preparation of a perfect espresso and cappuccino, the equipment and coffee making machines as well as coffee tasting.
Content of the course:

  • About us
  • History of coffee and its spreading in the world
  • Plant and fruit of coffee
  • Harvesting and processing of coffee beans
  • Different methods for roasting coffee
  • Brewing machine
  • The Grinder
  • The perfect coffee station
  • Cleaning of the machines
  • Esprsso excellence

Price: 60€ per person. NB! Contracted clients of Illy get a discount of -50% per person.
Number of participants: 4-6 people

Cappuccino excellence
The magic union between coffee and milk delivering an ideal result in the cup. Milk foam holds no more secrets from me. If espresso is king of the bar, cappuccino is its proud captain. To give it perfect flavour and texture, you need to master the basic technique, and all the secrets of espresso coffee and properly emulsified milk. As soon as you’ve finished the theory tuition, you’ll be grasping the nozzle yourselves and throwing yourself headfirst into practise drills on cappuccinos as well as on macchiatos and lattes. Coffee recipes + fantasy recipes.

Content of the course:

  • About us
  • The Grinder
  • Grinding challenge
  • Espresso excellence
  • Tamping
  • Tamping challenge
  • The perfect coffee station
  • Cappuccino excellence
  • Temperature challenge
  • Pouring & creating patterns
  • EXAM
  • Cleaning of the machine
  • Coffee recipes + fantasy recipes

Price: 55€ per person. NB! Contracted clients of Illy get a discount of -50% per person.
Number of participants: 3 – 4 people



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