Da Vinci Food visited Haapsalu wine festival


From 3-hd june to 4-th june Da Vinci Food visited Haapsalu Italian wine festival. At the festival Da Vinci Food introduced it’s products – different snack, meat, dried fruits and many more products. The owner of Bisol winemanor Gianluca Bisol was also present.


The most popular products:

The most popular product appeared to be GROKSÌ!. GROKSÌ! is a unique product made of flavoured Grana Padano cheese and carefully selected semi-matured hard cheeses. The cheese is not fried but oven baked, therefore it is crunchy and very tasty. During the production process, the natural humidity of cheese is extracted, which is why the Groksì! snacks are so crispy and crunchy. There are neither preservatives nor additives added. What is more, the cheese is both gluten and lactose free and rich in calcium, phosphorus and proteins.

Enjoy Groksì! at a picnic with friends or during your lunch break at work. Have it with beer or sprinkle over your soup at home. Groksì! can be enjoyed anywhere!

BelStar Prosecco sparkling wine is a magical combination of an elegant taste, fresh fruity notes and summery aromas of a flower meadow. BelStar Prosecco collection has a unique outlook, an elegant taste and an aroma that is full of flowers and fruit. Dive into the BelStar world and find yourself in the soft Veneto mountains! BelStar is a wine yard in the historic Veneto Prosecco area. The Bisoli family has chosen wine yards which soil is of different qualities in order to achieve the right balance between freshness, elegance, volume and authenticity