In Italian the word espresso means “squeezed”, referring to how espresso is made in an espresso machine where the pressurised water is quickly pressed through the thin layer of coffee flour. Although espresso is a basis for a number of popular coffee drinks, a real coffee connoisseur dreams of enjoying a plane espresso.

Here we have three interesting facts for you every espresso lover should know. Did you know that:

… depending on the amount of water and the grind level of the beans used for making the espresso, the drink is offered in three sizes normal (25 ml), risteretto (20 ml) and lungo (40 ml)?

… if there is water served with your espresso, you should drink it BEFORE drinking your espresso, because otherwise you wash away the pleasant aftertaste that may last for up to 30 minutes?

… considering all coffee-making methods, espresso is a drink which has the least (!) caffeine?

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