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Soon it’s December, winter holidays and the new year await. Those preparing more eagerly for the holidays have certainly started collecting their ideas for getting presents for their close ones and relatives. Definitely there is at least one person in each circle of friends who has a special admiration for good food and wine, or with whom it’s always lovely to enjoy some. Or maybe you know a tea or coffee connoisseur who always has a steaming cup of hot beverage in their hands? Maybe you have an excellent colleague or business partner who deserves to be remembered at Christmas time?

When compiling our this year’s Christmas offers, we came up with many present scenarios and assembled a wide range of gift sets of different sizes. Our quality gift sets brimming with Mediterranean flavours solve your gift-related worries immediately and bring joy to all who admire good foods and drinks, should it then be your dear loved one, best friend or simply a good colleague. To make it easier for you to navigate among our Christmas offers, we have here brought out our recommendations for the holiday season that will be here sooner than we expect.

To fill the holiday season with wonderful food experiences, we have compiled three Da Vinci gift baskets of different sizes. The baskets include representatives from the food cultures of Italy, France and Spain. Depending on the sizes of the baskets, they’re respectively called “Piccolo”, “Medio” and “Grande”. Our biggest gift basket “Grande” includes two bottles of Italian wine, Italian wholegrain pasta and a tomato sauce, crispy cooked Parmesan snacks, seafood cocktail and chilli/ garlic in oil from Italy, Italian olives, French mustard with honey, an Italian orange marmalade, Sugarpova candies from Spain, a packet of French Christmas tea and Caffareli chocolate from Italy. The set is a perfect gift for every food enthusiast and also good to bring along when visiting friends for dinner.

Meat and cheese fans, on the other hand, can most certainly see the value of our gift set called “Precious stuff for cheese and meat gourmands” that we have filled with 8 different Mediterranean cheeses and meat products, a big jar of Italian fig jam and a packet of Groksi oven-baked Parmesan crisps. This set lets you easily set a rich antipasto table that is mouth-watering for everyone who finds Mediterranean food delicious.

Should a person not love savoury food and prefer sweets instead, it’s better to choose a gift set called “For the biggest sweet tooth”. Just like the name says, we have had only sweet thoughts in our minds when putting this set together. The basket includes 3 extremely delicious chocolates made by a famous Italian chocolate master Caffareli and 3 packets of Noberasco dried fruits. By using the most innovative technologies, the Noberasco fruits have been dried so that they are still sweet, juicy and aromatic, and therefore perfect for the coming holidays.

Should you have someone special in your mind, we have special gift boxes “For the Lady” and “For the Gentleman” that we’ve put together keeping in mind the favourite flavours of ladies and gentlemen. The lovely golden box “For the Lady” that comes with with a transparent lid, hides a jar of Illy coffee beans/ Illy ground coffee or Dammann loose tea in a metal box. The box also includes a bar of Caffareli chocolate and a bottle of Italian quality sparkling wine Bel Star Prosecco DOC. From the stylish dark blue gift box “For the Gentleman” you can find a bottle of Chabanneau VS cognac, Cacciatore salami, Groksi cooked Parmesan cheese snacks, French mustard with honey and a Caffareli milk chocolate with a picture of 500 euros on its cover.
Maybe some of your close ones would like to get their very own coffee machine for Christmas? Our Christmas offers include not only one but two quality capsule coffee machines with what it is possible to prepare fresh coffee by making just one click. Francis Francis Y3 iperEspresso coffee machine enables everyone enjoy velvety and cafeteria-like aromatic quality coffee at home. With every Y3 coffee machine we give a milk frother for free. Just for Christmas!

The X7.1 capsule coffee machine in the style of the 60s and 70s, designed by Lucca Trazzi, has a stylish and elegant look and capable guts. By using the iperespresso technology, it is possible to make espressos that are very aromatic, with rich flavour and a thick and long-lasting crema. X7.1 is a present suitable for a person who while having a classic taste still prefers modern technology and whose kitchen misses a stylish and remarkable coffee machine to be its crown jewel.

Since there is no winter fairy-tale with no cup of aromatic tea, we have included our Christmas offers a number of quality French Dammann teas with different flavours. From Dammann’s special Christmas tea line we offer the following tea mixes to fill your gift socks:
Orange tea jar: rooibos flavoured with Christmas spices, special nuances of Seville orange and black cherry.

  • Red tea jar: loose tea mix with orange, caramel and maraschino cherry, decorated with chips of orange peels and fruits.
  • Green tea jar: loose China green tea that has been added orange essential oil, vanilla and spices, and decorated with orange peels and apple pieces.
  • Purple tea jar: delicious herbal fusion flavoured with Christmas spices, one can also sense hints of lemon balm, cocoa bean, liquorice, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove and pink and black pepper.
  • Silver tea jar: loose white tea with nuances of almond and cherry, spiced with ginger and decorated with the petals of pink corn flower.

Damman’s “golden Christmas miracles” line has the aforementioned Christmas teas combined in convenient gift sets of different sizes.

To have especially stylish gifts with a well-established touch, we recommend the more classic Damman teas in special gift sets. Dammann sets called “Merveilleux”, “Twist” and “Comedie” are suitable as a gift for good colleagues, friends or a relative who is a tea enthusiast. The elegant “Merveilleux” set includes an infuser and three Dammann teas: Miss Dammann (green tea with ginger and spices), Grand Gout Russe (black tea with citrus fruits) and Altitude (black tea from the Darjeeling, Nepal and Sikkim regions). The Dammann set “Comedie” has been inspired by the joyous and festive world of the theatre. The stylish silver box with an interesting pattern is a home for three (or four) flavoured black teas and an elegant infuser. The metal Damman “Twist” chest with leather belts includes an infuser and teas called Touareg (peppermint tea), Coquelicot Gourmand (flavoured black tea) and Bali (flavoured green tea).

Thinking of your long time colleagues and business partners, we’ve compiled stylish and festive gift sets with dignified drinks:

  • “Barocca Vecchio 800 Riserva brandy“ – a 20-year-old brandy in a wooden gift box
  • “Elegant aquavite“: the set includes Most aquavite (35cl) and 2 grappa glasses
  • “Habana“: includes a mix of I Legni Rovere Grappa and Aquavite (200ml), a cigar cutter, a wine bottle opener and a flask
  • “For a golf fan“: the set includes a mix of I Legni Rovere Grappa and Aquavite (200ml), 2 golf balls and a putter
  • A gift set with three wines: includes 3 red wines of the Piemonte region in Italy (Nebbiolo d´Alba Michet 2011 DOC, Barbera d´Alba Ruvei 2012 DOC, Dolcetto d´Alba Madonna del Dono 2013 DOC)
  • A gift set with four wines: includes 2 white and 2 red wines of the Piemonte region in Italy (Barbera d´Alba Ruvei 2012 DOC, Dolcetto d´Alba Madonna del Cono 2013 DOC, Langhe Arneis 2013 DOC, Moscato d´Asti Zagara 2013 DOCG)

Da Vinci wishes everybody a cosy end of autumn and a wonderful holiday season with good food and lovely people!

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