Lemony prawn and asparagus risotto for 4


With the approaching spring, we also need to awake our taste buds. Therefore, we have chosen to bring you a tasty risotto recipe. The recipe is taken from Riso Gallo’s cookbook „i Risotti: The best Risotti in the World“, which includes risotto recipes from the best restaurants in the world.
This springy risotto recipe is a masterpiece of Massimo Bebber, chef of the Le Cirque restaurant in New York. Enjoy cooking!

Lemony prawn and asparagus risotto for 4

200 g Riso Gallo risotto rice
10 g shallot
0.75 l vegetable broth
40 ml lemon juice
60 ml heavy cream
10 g butter
20 g extra virgin olive oil
lime zest
12 king prawns
12 stalks of asparagus
2 lemon zest
10 g paprika
20 g extra virgin olive oil
sweet peas


Fry the king prawns in extra virgin olive oil seasoned with rosemary and thyme for 5-6 minutes. Chop off the tips of the asparagus stalks, blanch them in boiling water and fry quickly in olive oil. Tear up the asparagus stalks (use a vegetable peeler) and leave them in icy water to curl up.

Chop the shallot and fry it in extra virgin olive oil. Add the rice and heat. Be careful not to burn the rice! Add the lemon juice and heavy cream and continue simmering the mix. Pour the hot broth onto the rice mix and let it simmer until all the broth has disappeared. Then take the mix off the heat, season with salt, butter and lime zest. When serving, add each portion 3 king prawns, 3 asparagus tips, torn asparagus stalks and sweet peas. Sprinkle the risotto with paprika and grated lemon zest. Voila!